Neutrality curates an extensive collection of articles, research papers, and legislative pieces from around the world.

In addition, Neutrality has made all of that easily accessible with a comprehensive search tool.

What is Neutrality Search?


Flexible Sorting

Sortable search results available in various visual and compact layout options.

Visual Insights

Integrated data with our own Neutrality Analytics tools give users a visual understanding beyond standard article listings.


Exposed article metadata allows full article transparency.


Tune your search results by keywords and sources.


Save searches as your own personal topic that can be recalled later from the quick access bar.

Advanced Technology

Next-generation metadata tuning that no other aggregator gives you access to.

Privacy Matters

Neutrality's commitment to privacy and transparency – that means we’ll never save your data if you don’t want us to. If you go down the rabbit hole, don’t worry, we'll help you get there, but we won’t follow you there!

With Neutrality, getting the information you need has never been easier. Try it out today!


Different Content Types

Neutrality’s search feature gives users the ability to access different content types beyond standard news articles, including white papers, research documents, and even legislative data.

Each offers something unique and suitable for varying use cases. In addition, you can add to the power of Neutrality by allowing your own personal research to be indexed by Neutrality and discoverable by others!

Search Tuning

Scouring the web for a specific article can be a daunting task. Neutrality has made it easier through powerful search tuning, allowing users to further filter search results by keywords, authors, sources, and more.

Notifications System

Don’t miss a beat with Neutrality’s adaptable notification panel. Quickly see the updates that matter to you or dismiss notification types you no longer wish to see, making it easy to focus on your Neutrality experience.

Flexible Layouts

We’ve purposefully designed our platform to be as intuitive as possible, with the ability to seamlessly adapt based on what device you’re using.

Simplified Analysis

Experience effortless trend analysis with our adaptable Neutrality Analytics tool. Explore the ‘Trending Now’.