Open Mind

Open Mind is an extension of Neutrality’s already powerful search tools that gives users a 360-degree view of a topic from all angles, regardless of moral, political, or ideological bias, offering you all points of view on any given topic.

Open Mind empowers individuals with its innovative and holistic take on recommendations, learning as the user learns, offering different points of view across many spectrums.

What is Open Mind?

The Open Mind Tool is one of the many features that differentiate Neutrality from competitors.

This feature bolsters the user’s position as an independent researcher and collaborator on the platform, regardless of their background or experience.

Users are presented with articles that cover a full range of views related to the articles they are interested in. The articles represent an unbiased result set from across any spectrum to give the user a complete picture of any topic.

Additionally, it allows professionals, along with the average user, to compare their research against a whole host of metrics to further inform themselves.


Personalized Content

Use Open Mind to tailor the information by sentiment, relevancy, sources, or keywords.

Discover Alternate Points of View

Discover alternative points of view so you are as informed as possible from all directions on the matter.

Open a User’s Mind

Our core mission here at Neutrality is to rise above one-sided, fake news content and to make sure that transparency surpasses all. This feature, quite literally, opens a user’s mind to different aspects of a specific topic, opinion, or event.

The users are in control of both the data and the
topics they wish to see.


Users can use the same powerful keyword and source tuning from Neutrality Search across the platform, including Open Mind.

Sentiment tuning for users to observe and filter by the positivity or negativity of a news piece.

Relevancy tuning to hone in on both close perspectives or focus on broader perspectives to jump outside the box.

Open Mind allows users to jump from one article on a specific topic or event to others and includes different perspectives on the subject matter.