In the midst of fake news and tension in the country, Neutrality Topics aims to bring accountability back into the mix. Research needs to be traceable as well as transparent.”

— Benjamin Rathbun

News and information dissemination have always taken center stage all over the world. The advent of digitalization and the Internet age have added a new dimension to news and information sharing, opening up new business, education, and entertainment frontiers in the process. Neutrality emerged with a mission to be the world’s most powerful topic-driven research visualization platform. Scouring the web for a specific article can be a daunting task.

Neutrality Topics Shows Various Topics that are Relevant to You

Neutrality has made it easier through powerful search tuning, allowing users to further filter search results by keywords, authors, sources, and more. Whether it is news about the world economy, climate change, international relations, cryptocurrencies, or the pharmaceutical industry, Neutrality helps collect relevant information through a variety of tools.

It enables users to go beyond everyday articles and explore a unique design concept that enables them to get a comprehensive view of their chosen topics. It allows for the sourcing, referencing, and validation of data from primary sources, thus ensuring that users can back up their arguments for accountability purposes. Besides finding news articles, users can also access whitepapers, legislation documents, and journal articles. Neutrality’s all-in-one dashboard is a condensed way to centralize the Neutrality experience.

Neutrality Topics are standalone interactive info-graphics that bring together factual data and neutral commentary on a given topic, which is periodically updated so the content is always fresh and can be posted on social media to drive interest in a particular topic. Neutrality Topics can be navigated on a public page (Neutrality Topic Hub) where advertising revenue is generated. All data is sourced from, so all is transparent, no misinformation.

In the midst of fake news and tension in the country, Neutrality Topics aims to bring accountability back into the mix. Research needs to be traceable as well as transparent, and we are aiming to bring tools to market to make it easier for people to get the data they need to make an informed decision in this age of misinformation, says Benjamin Rathbun, Product Development Manager at Neutrality, Inc.

Using Neutrality Topics comes at no cost whatsoever. Users can even suggest a topic of their choice.

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Neutrality is a topic-driven research platform that utilizes machine learning insights to add context and depth to news media topics through visualizations based on first and third-party data. For more details, visit

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