All-in-One Dashboard

As part of Neutrality’s mission to be the world’s most powerful topic-driven research visualization platform,our all-in-one dashboard is another great tool in the user’s arsenal.

State-of-the-art data visual analysis and charts, combined with intuitive machine learning insights, give unprecedented context and depth to the User’s Topics and Research.

Your Personal News HQ

The all-in-one dashboard is the best way to track your topical interests, research, and TruTopic social performance.

It will show article activity and source breakdowns for your preferred topics.


Informed Insight

Neutrality isn't just another news platform. By offering unique, comprehensive, and dynamic tools, we help people better understand the complexities of global topics and make more informed decisions.


Neutrality makes it easy to stay on top of topics over time without sacrificing transparency and staying bias-free.

Personalized Content

Whether you’re solely interested in sports, politics, or education, only the content you are searching for and want to see will be delivered thanks to the platform's integrated machine learning. With Neutrality, the user’s in control of both the data and the topics they wish to see.

The users are in control of both the data and the
topics they wish to see.


Visual Topic Panel

Creates a holistic and visual representation of topical content that matters to you.

Quick Access Bar

Empowers you to access your preferred topics quickly and easily from wherever you are on the platform.

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